F.H. DeMars Historic Vintage Photographs Images : Photo Keywords

. fort trumbull beach    20 pine    2nd congregational    2nd congregational church winsted    4 children    8th district    97 williams ave    a. phelps tavern    academy    actors    adam's alerts    adams' general store    adriance    advent christian church    ae moore    ahern    alford    alice    all pictures    alleghany franciscan sisters    almquist    alvard    alvord    amanda hart    ame zion    amenia    andrews    andrus    animal    animals    anse barnes    anson barnes    apothecaries    apple trees    arcanum    ardsley    armory    art store    arthur l. clark    arts    ashley falls    ashpohtag    atwater    auction    augustine    austin    austin band    auto sales    ax    axel gun shop    baby    baby wicker carriage    bakersville    bakersville ct    bakerville bridge    bakery    balch    baldwin    ball mountain    balloon    ballroom    bandshell    bannon    baptist    baptist church    barackmatiff    barber    bare feet    bare spot mountain    barker    barkhamsted    barkhamsted ct    barkhamsted hollow    barn    barnes    barnum    barnum and richardson    barreuther    barrington    baseball team    bash    bash bish falls    bashbish falls    basketball    bass    bassett    batcheller    bates    battel    battell    battell chapel    battell fountain    battell stables    baxter    beach    beacon    beacon hut    bear    bear mountain    beardsley    beardsley house    beardsley memorial library    beardsley scythe co.    beaver brook    beckwith    beech hill road    beecher hill rd    bell    bellevue ave    belton terrace    bement    bench    bennet    bennets    berton    beulah    beulah falls    bicknell    bicycle    bidwell    bierce    big pond    big tree    bigelow    bike    bikes    billings    birches    birds    birge son    birthplace of john brown    bish    bissell    bissell hall    bittersweet lodge    black bridge    black river    blackberry river    blackberry river valley    blackman    blacksmith    blair    blanket    blast furnace    blizzard    blizzard of 1888    blocks    bloodgood    bloomfield ct    blue anchor farm    boa    boat    boat house    boats    bofird    bofird cottage grove hotel    bolton road    bond    boroughs    boss    boston    bosworth    bosworth inn    boudinot    boulevard    bourquin    bow    boy    boy fishing    boyd hill    boyd street    boyd's    boyd's iron forge    boyd's waterwheel    boys    boys brigade    bracken brae    bradford    bradley    brass shop    bridge    bridge st.    bridgeman    bridges    brightwood    bristol    bristol auto station    bristol brass    bristol brass rolling mill    bristol ct    bronson    brookland    brooks    brookside    brookside lake    brookside park    brown    brown church    brown clark place    bruce price    buck    buck river    buck river bridge    buck river falls    buckett    buel    buggy    bulkley    bullheads    burie    burkhead bridge    burlington ct    burr    burr falls    burr's mill    burrville ct    burt    burton brooks    burwell    bushnell    bushnell tavern    business    businesses    businesses whip shop    butler    buttermilk falls    c.n.e.r.r.    cabin    calamities    caleb beach    caleb camp    calf    calhoun    calves    camp    camp 1st winsted mayor    camp block    camp building fire    camp grocer    camp hill    camp's hill    campbell falls    campbells falls    canaan    canaan ct    canaan mountain    canal    canty    capital    capitol building    car    cards    carey    carnegie    carriage    carrington    carrington hill    carrington phelps    cars    cart    carter    case    case mountain    casket hardware    cat    cathedral pines    catlin    cawkins town rd    cedar lane    celebrations    cemeteries    cemeteries monuments    cemetery    centennial    central bazaar    central firehouse    central new england railroad    central park    century house    ceresota flour    chair    chapel    chapin    chapinville ct    charcoal    charcoal furnace    charcoal kiln    charter oak    chas whitney or whitman    chase    chatfield    chatsfield    cherry    chestnut hill    chicken    chickens    chicks    child    children    children on porch    choral society    chores    christian science church    christmas tree    chuches    church    church of christ    church school    churches    churches stained glass    city hall    civic building    civic buildings    civic groups    civic organizations    civil war    civil war monument    civil war monuments    claford    clam river    clark    cleaveland    cleopatra's needle    cleveland    clock shop    club house    club island    cne railroad rock cut    cne railway    cobble    cobble hill    cobbs    coe    coed group    coed groups    coffill    coffin trimmings    col. samuel b. horne    colebrook    colebrook center    colebrook ct    colebrook ct scenes    colebrook falls    colebrook falls on loom brook    colebrook house    colebrook inn    colebrook manufacturing    colebrook river    colebrook river ct    colebrook river inn    colebrook store    coles    collage    collar brothers store    colonial pine    colonial pine tree    coltsfoot    coltsfoot mountain    comfort corner    compounce    concerts    conductors    cone    congregational    congregational church    conn    considine    construction    contagious ward    cook    corn    corner    cornubia hall    cornwall bridge    cornwall bridge railroad station    cornwall ct    cornwall hollow    cornwall hollow ct    cornwall villate    cotton hill    cotton mills    couple fishing    covered bridge    cow    cows    crissey hill    crissey place    crocks    croquet    crystal lake    ct    ct business    ct western railroad station    ct.    culter    curatole island    curtis    curtis block    cuss cutter    cwcne railroad    cyclone    daisies    dallas palsey    dam    danbury quarter    daniel willard    dardis    david austin    dayton    deacon beardsly    dean    decon    decon grant    dedication of soldiers monument tower    deer    deerfield    del garcia    delgarcia    delgarcia residence    demars    demars family    demars family group    demars family stuff    demars info    demers bros    deming    deming family    demings bridge    dennis    dennis hill state park    dental floss    depot    dewell    dickerman    dickerman pond    dining room    dinner table    district 9    district school    dobson    dock    doctor    dog    dogs    dolfin    dolittle pond    doll    dolls    dome    donkey    donkey cart    doolittle    doolittle pond    doty    doughty    douglas    douglas bennets    downs mill    downtown    dr. w. h. porter    drake    drake mills    drum band    dudley    dudley tannery    dug way    dugway    dyson    e.s. woodford    eagle scythe shop    eagle's nest    east branch farmington river    east canaan    east granby ct    east hill    east main    east park    east shore    east wakefield boulevard    east winstsed    easter    eckman    eddy    edge tool    edmunds    edward welch    egremont    eldridge    eldridge gymnasium    eldridge house    electric light    electric light company    electric light station    electric park    elfstone    elizabeth burwell    ellinswood    ellinwood    elliot bronson    elliot moore    elm    elm court    elm tree cottage    elmer    elmslea    elmstead    elpstone    emerson    empire knife    empire knife shop    enders state forest    engine    engman    ensign    episcopal church    ernest clark farm    essex hill    essex hill rd    essex hill rd.    eugene potter    everett    f    fair    falls    falls village    family    family connection    family portrait    famm    fannie bradley    farm    farming    farmington    farmington ave.    farmington ct    farmington river    farmington valley    father leo    felton    fenn    ferns    fernside    fernwood    ferry    fh demars    fiddle    fiddler    field gun association    finn    fire    fire chiefs    fire department    fire odd fellows    fire truck    firehouse    fireman's parade    firemen    firemen's celebration    firemen's celebrations.1883    firemen's parade    fireplace    first bay    first bridge    first car    first cobble    first congregational    first congregational church    first congregational church interior    first district school    fish    fisherman    fishing    five mile drive    fla    floating island    flood of 1897    florida    flowers    foley pond    football team    forbes furnace    fordyce    fordyce paint shop    forest view farm    forge    forge brook    fork    fort    fort trumbull beach    foster    fountain    fourth district    fourth district school    fourth school    fox hill    foxhill    franciscans    frank case museum    frank demars    fred    frederic andrus    french    french family    friend holcomb    frieze    from lookout mountain    fuessenich    fuller    fuller curtis    furnace brook    fuzzy coat    fyler tavern    g    game clubs and assiciations    game clubs and associations    gannon    gar    garaghty    gardens    garfield    garwin    gate    gates    gates young    gay    gaylord    general electric    general store    george dudley    george hulett    george phelps    george taylor    german evangelical lutheran church    gessup    gibson    gilbert    gilbert clock    gilbert clock co.    gilbert clock shop dam    gilbert high school    gilbert home    gilbert home wagon    gilbert school    gillette    gillette road    gilletts mill    girard    girl    girls    girls basketball team    gladding    glenwood    goat    goetz    golf    golf links    goodenough    goodwin rd    goodwin residence    gorge    goshen hill    governor cooke    granby ct    grand army of the republic    granite    grant    great    great barrington    great barrington ma    green    green woods toll gate    green woods tollgate    greenport l.i.    greens    greenwoods    greenwoods dam    greenwoods lake    greenwoods park    greenwoods pond    greenwoods rd    greenwoods road    greenwoods toll gate    greenwoods turnpike    greeting    greeting card    greeting cards    greetings    griswold    grocery    group    group of men    group on porch    groups    guilford ct    gulf bridges    gun    guns    gym    gymnasium    haley's comet    hall    hall meadow    hall meadow brook    hall meadow road    halloween    hammertown    hammertown road    hammock    hanging mountain    hanging rock    hanging rock river    hardware    hardware store    harisen    harris    harrison    harrison demars    harrison family    harrson    hart    hart grocery    hartford    hartford ct    hartland ct    hartland pond    hartsville ma    harwinton ct    hat    hatch    hatch's tavern    hats    hattie barnes    hautboy hill    hawley    hawley woods    hay    haying    hayride    haystack    haystack mountain    headmaster house    heart    heaton    heck bates    heidelberg    heiland    hemlock hill farm    herman    high school    high street    highchair    highland    highland farm    highland lake    highland lake boat house    highland lake hotel    highland lake overflow    highland park    highley tavern    higley tavern    hill    hill turner    hill view inn    hillcrest cottage    hillhurst    hillside    hillside ave    hilltop inn    hinchcliff    hinchman    hindsdale    hines    hinsdale    hinsdale ave    hiram eddy    historic society winchester    hitchcock    hitchcox    hodge    hogsback    hogsback dam    hogsback road    hogssback    holcomb    holme    holmes    honeysuckle    hoop    hopbrook    horne    horse    horse carriage    horse man    horse racing    horse wagon    horse.boys    horses    hospital    hotchkiss school    hotchkiss schools    hotel    hotel andrews    hotel berkshire    hotel central    hotel winchester    houghty    housatonic    housatonic river falls    house    house family    houses    howard    howd    howd sanitorium    howe    howell    hubert case store    huggins    hulbert forge    hull tannery bridge    humor    humorous    humphrey    hungers    hunters    hurd bragg garage    hurlbert    hurlburt    hurlbut    hurlbutt    hydrangea    ice    ice cream    ice jam    ice skating    ice storm    indian mountain    indians    infant    ingham    inn    inspector    interbrook    interior    irish bridge    iron bridge    isaac brownson    isbills boat shop    island    italians    ives    j.c. burwell lumber    jack o the woods    james    james e. dean milk wagon    jamieson    jenkins    jenkins boyd    jenks    jessup    jewelers    jewell    jewelry    jewish synagogue    john burr    john burwell    john o' the woods    john roe    john sedgwick    john simmons    johnson    johnson's    jonathan shepard    jones    jones furniture    jones furniture store    jones pond    joseph fuller    judge    jug end    jugg end    julia scoville raidart    jumbo rock    junction park    justus webster hous    kamp kill kare    kasson hill    keefe    keith    keller    kelley    kellogg    kent ct    keppler    kibbe point    kilborn tannery    kingsbury    kirk    kitten    knife shop fire    knitting mill    knoll    l cars    ladies aid society    lafrance fire truck    lake    lake compounce    lake streams    lake street    lake tunxis    lake winchester    lake wonksunkmunk    lakes    lakes and rivers    lakes rivers    lakes streams    lakeside drive    lakeview inn    lakeville    lakeville ct    lakeville lake    lankston    large house    large white house    lasley    lathrop    laughing    laun    laurel    laurel cottage    laurel festival    laurel way    lawrence    lawyer    leader    leader store    lee ma    lenox stockbridge ma    lenoxstockbridge ma    leonard    lew stone    lewis    lewis stone    lhighland ake    library    lighthouse    lillian burwell    lime kiln    lindsey    linterhouse    litchfield    litchfield county hospital    litchfield ct    litchfield road    little company    little red school house    llangollen    locomobile    log cabin    logging    long lake    long view    lookout mountain    loom brook    loomis    losaw road    lovers lane    lower road bridge    lowerric    lutheran    lutheran church    ma    ma.scene    mable peck    macedonia    machine    macormack    mad river    maddra    maddrah    maher    mail    main    main entrance    main high st    main st    main st.    main street    mallory school    mallory tavern    man    manchester    manley    mansion    map    maple    maple hollow    maple hurst hill    maple shade    maple street    maplehurst farm    maples    maplewood    marble quarry    marblehead ma    marion cruger coffin    mark    marlboro    marsh    martha eliza harrison    martha ruth    martin    marvin    mary minnery    mary p hinsdale    masks    masonic temple    matauliff    maxfield    maycock    mcalpin    mcalpine    mcauliff    mcbride    mccaffrey    mcdermott    mcdonald's    mckee    mclaughlin    mclauglin    md    mead    meadow    meadow st.    meadow street    mellen    mellen fuller    memorial    memorials    memorials cemeteries    men    men simons    meriden ct    merrill    merrills    mershon    meshack    methodist    methodist camps    methodist church    methodist episcopal church    mica mine    middlebrooks    miles    miles loomis    milford    milford ct    military uniform    mill    mill brook    mill falls    mill pond    mill river ma    millbrook    millbrook ct    millinery    mills    millwood    miner    minister    minnehaha    mixed group    mixed groups    money islands ct    monroe st    monterey    monterey ma    montville    montville ma    montville store    monuments    monuments cemeteries    moore    moore camp    morgan    morse    moseley    mosely    moses camp    mosley    mount everett    mount washington ma    mountain    mountain ave.    mountain road    mrs charles spofford    mrs. samuel smith    mt everett inn    mt pisgah    mt riga    mt. everett house    mt. riga    mud pond    mudge pond    mules    mulhall    munro    munsill    munson    munson's    music hall meal    music shed    musical instruments    n.    n. colebrook    nappit    narrows    national bank    natural arch    naugatuck railroad    nellis    nelson brooks    nelsons four corners    nepaug ct    nettleton place    new boston    new boston inn    new boston ma    new boston store    new bridge    new england knitting    new england knitting mill    new england miniature ball    new england pin    new englandknitting mill    new hartford    new hartford ct    new hartford house    new london    new marlboro    new marlboro ma    new york    newfield church    newgate prison    newsboy statue    newsboys    newspaper    newton phelps    nichols    nisbet corner    noble    norfolk    norfolk academy    norfolk chamber music festival    norfolk country club    norfolk ct    norfolk downs    norfolk hosiery    norfolk inn    norfolk manufacturing    norfolk new brunswick hosiery co.    norfolk water company    north colebrook    north cornwall ct    north main    north road    north salem new york    north salem ny    northrup    northside hotel    northside school    northway    northway tannery    norton    norton's bridge    norwich ct    nude    nun    nurse    nurses    o'bryan    o'neil    octagon    odd fellows    odd fellows hall    old 2nd congregational church    old forge falls    old fort    old hemlock meeting house    old home week    old mill pond    old phelps inn    old st. james episcopal    old stone school house    old winsted house    olive raidart sears    olmsted    opera house    orchard street    ore hill    organ    organ pipes    orlando case    osborne    osmun    otis    otis ma    otis pond    outlet    oval    overlook    owen    owens    owl camp    owleout farm    oxen    pageant for 150th anniversary winsted winchester    paint    paper mill    parade    park    park greens    park hotel    park place    parker    parks greens    parmalee    parsenon    parson    parsonage    parsons    parsons wood pile    pastor winsted    pavillion    pease    peck    penny farthing bicycles    people    pequabuck    perch rock    performing arts    perkins    perkins garage    persons    peter demars    pettibone    phelps    phelps road    phelps tavern    phileps    phillips livery stable    phones    physician    piano    piccolo    picnic grounds    pictures with writing on plate    pierce    pierce farm    pigeons    pigs    pilgrim    pine    pine cabin    pine knoll    pine meadow    pine place    pine rock    pine st    pine st.    pine street    pines    pinney    pisgah    plaid dresses    plainville ct    platt    play    pleasant valley    pleasant valley conn    pleasant valley ct    pleasant view    pleasant view farm    plow    point comfort    police    police department    pond    poor girls    popple swamp    por    porch    porches    port jefferson    portaits    porter    porter peck    portrait    portraits    portraits animals    post office    postcard    postcards    potter    potter residence    pram    pratt    prentiss    preston    priest marsh    prospect    prospect st    prospect st.    prospect street    provost    puchin    pullman    pulpit rock    pump    pumpkins    pupin    pussy willows    pythian hall    quarry    questionably humorous    quietude    raceway    racoon    racoons    ragged mountain    railroad    railroad bridge    railroad explosion    railroad station    railroad train station    railroads    rake factory    rawson    reading    reasoner    rebillard family    reidy    reiland    renouff    reservoir    residence    residences    residents    rev. benjamin kidder    rev. eastland    rev. eddy    rev. judson    rev. newell calhoun    rev. william thomas    richard    richards    richardson    riga lake    rion lake    rippere    river    rivereton ct    riverside cemetery    riverton    riverton ct    riverton fair    riverton inn    riverton road    road    road crew    roaring brook    robbers cave falls    roben drugs    roben's drugs    roberts    robertsville    robertsville ct    robertsville falls    robertsville rd    robinson    rock    rock school    rock school house    rocker    rocks    rocks at falls    rockwell    rockwell hall    rockwell st.    rodenmeyer    rogers    roller rink    roller skating    rolling mill    rolling mill bristol brass    roman catholic church    roman catholic monastery    rook island    rooster    roosterville    root    root's island    rorabach    roraback    roscoe benjamin carriage shop    rose terry cook    rose terry cooke    rosure    rouse    route 20    route 202    route 4    rowe    rowley street    roy    rr bridge    rubb brook dam    rufus holmes    rug    rugg    rugg brook    rugg brook tunnel    rule shop dam    rumsey hall    rural    rural road    rural scene    russell    s.    s. egremont    s.b. horne    sackett    sage    sage's ravine    sailboats    sailor    salisbury    salisbury ct    salisbury hills    samuel boyd    samuel moore    sandisfield    sandisfield center cemetery    sandisfield center church    sandisfield ma    sandler lane    sandy brook    sandy brook bridge    sandy brook farm    sandy brook rd.    sandy brook road    sandy brooki    sanford    sap house    saphouse    sashes    satan's kingdom    satan's kingdon    saver    saw mill    saw mill dam    saw mill or charcoal    sawingn    sawmill    sawmill or furnace for charcoal    sawyer    scemes    scene    scenes    school    school group    school street    school team    schools    scon congregational church    scowling    scranton pa    scythe    scythe shop    sea breeze    seaside    second bay    second cong    second congregational    second congregational church    second narrows    sedgewick    sedgewick monument    sedgwick    sedgwick memorial    seley    seven gables    seymour    seymour saw    shadow lawn    shadowbrook    shaker village    shakers    sharon ct    sharon road    sheep    sheffield ma    sheldon    shelter    shepard    shepherd    shingle mill    shoveling    sign posts    silk mill    silk shop    silver brook farm    simmons    simsbury ct    sketch    skilton place    skinner    skinney    sky line    skyland    sled    sleigh    slocum    slocum brook    smith    smith sackett    snakes    snow    snow pile    soldiers    soldiers arch    soldiers monument    soldiers' arch    soldiers' monument    solomon rockwell    solomon rockwell house    solomon's temple    south    south berkshire institute    south sandisfield    south shore    southeast    southfield    southfield ma    southington ct    southside school    spence    spencer    spencer street    spinning    sports    spurr    st anthony    st anthony school    st.    st. anthony school    st. james episcopal church parsonage    st. john's    st. john's rectory    st. joseph    st. joseph roman catholic church    st. margaret's convent    stage    stained glass    stained glass window    state line hill rd    state line hill road    station    station place    steel    steele    stephens    stephens spring    steps    sterling place    stevens    stevens hotel    stevense    still river    still river bridge    stoeckel    stokes    stolts    stone    stone chimney    stone crusher quarry    stone house    stone wall    stonebrook    stonehenge    store    store interior    strand theater    stratton    stream    streams    street hill    strickland    stroller    strong    strong manufacturing    strong mfg    student body    stuffed birds    stumpp    sucker brook    sucker brook cove    sucker brook school    sucker brook trotting park    sullivan    summer street    summit    super    super saver    super saver grocery store    surrey    swedish congregational church    swedish lutheran lebanon congregational church    sweet    swensen    swing    swinging chair    synagogue    t.a.b.    t.c. richards hardware    tab    tablet    taconic    taconic lodge    taconic mountains    takitezy    tamarack lodge    tannery    tannery road    tariffville    tariffville ct    tatro forging shop    taylor    team    teddy bear    tenements    tennis    tennis racket    terry    the alders    the island    the orchards    the pines    the shelter    the willard    thibo    things    third bay    thompson    thompson block    tiffany    tiffany elm    tiffany pond    tilton    tipping rock    to the left of george's garage    tobacco    tobacco barn    toby pond    toddler    toddler bathing    toddler undressed    toll bridge    toll bridge road    tolland    tolland club    tolland ct    tolland fish and game association    tolland fish and game club bridge    tolland fish game club    tolland ma    tolland mountain    tolland mountain road    tolland mt    tolland road    tolland state forest    tollgate    tom spencer bridge    torringford st    torringford street    torrington    torrington ct    torrington road    towes    town    town center and green    town center and greens    town centers greens    town green    town greens    town hall    town hill    town hill cemetery    toy    toys    tracy    train    train explosion    train tracks    trains    trains trolleys    tramp rock    transfiguration    transportation    travis    tree    trees    trinity episcopal    trolley    trolley barn    trolley bridge    trolley office    trough    trout brook    truich    trumper    trumpet    tub    tunxis    tunxis club    tunxis falls    tunxis falls gorge    tunxis gorge    turner    turner cook    turrets    turtle rock    twin falls    twin lakes    twin lakes ct    twin pines    twin willows    twining    two headed calf    tyringham ma    u.s. centennial celebrations    umbrellas    uncle sam drum corps    under mountain    union chair    union chair company    union house    unknolwn    unknown businesses    uplands    upper grey    upper lake    us centennial celebration    vaill    valhalla    valley    valley rd.    valley road    vankeuren    vegetables    village green    village hall    vining    viola    vorhies    vorhies or varkies    w. hartland    w. hartland ct    wagon    wakefield boulevard    walcott    walcott landing    walhalla    walker    wangum    ward    warner    washington hill    washington hill road    water    water company    water wheel    waterfall    watering trough    waterwheel    watson    weatogue    wedding    weirs    welch    welch co    welch memorial    weldon    wellsweep    welmore    west cornwall ct    west drive    west hartland community house    west hartland ct    west hill    west hill lake    west hill pond    west norfolk    west otis road    west shore    west street    west winsted    wetmore    wheel    wheeler    wheeler auction    wheeler st.    wheelock thayer    whip    whip shop    whitbeck    white house    white pine    whiting    whiting viaduct    whitmore    whitney    whittelsey    wicker carriage    wicker chair    wicker stroller    wilbur    wilbur bronson    wilcos    wilcox    wildman    wildwood    willard    william holabird    williams    williams ave    williams ave.    willow    willows    winchester    winchester center    winchester ct    winchester historical society    winchester institute    windmill    windsor ct    windy crest    winona wickup    winsted    winsted choral union    winsted citizen    winsted city band    winsted club house    winsted conn    winsted ct    winsted ct saw mill    winsted edge mfg    winsted edge tool    winsted edge tool fire    winsted evening citzen    winsted hosiery    winsted hospital    winsted house    winsted manufacturing    winsted methodist church    winsted road    winsted savings bank    winsted silk mill    winsted wheelmen    winsted's    winter    wintergreen island    witherspoon    woman    women    women clerks    women tree    women's basketball    wononscopomuc    wooden bridge    woodford    woodford block    woodland street    woodlands    woodriff    woodruff    woodruff hill    woods    woodward    wooster    work horse    world balloon    wrecked bridge    wright    writing    writing on    writing on plate    yacht club    yahne    yale hotel    ymca    ymca bowling    york    young    young home    youngsdale